Merlin investor, a Fintech company with operations in the MENA, EMEA and NAFTA regions, is on mission to democratize financial inclusion and investment planning towards conscious investing, while helping financial institutions to supercharge their trading platforms to win over the new generation of retail investors.

As it is the case with experienced investors, the company believes the key element to achieve long-term positive results lies in the design of a diversified and balance investment strategy tailored to each investor’s specific needs, and aimed to understand and manage risks along the whole investment cycle, with the goal to consciously navigate the ups and down of the markets.

While they recognize that trading platforms did an outstanding job in giving to anyone access to trade execution, they identified the need for an innovative educational and strategizing tool that any young retail investor can understand and use to create, analyze, back-test, and track the performance of their own investment strategies, so to familiarize and learn by doing also without taking risks to lose money if they don’t feel confident yet.

In addition, the company surveyed the majority of GenZ and Millennials prefer to educate themselves and study the markets by accessing sources of information that exceed the standard ones like market news or similar, while prioritizing social networks and following the advice of their favorite influencers towards an informed decision.

The Merlin Platform serves as an educational, strategizing, and tracking tool tailored for retail investment planning and risks management, catering to the new generation of retail investors. From its inception, the company vision was to create an easy-to-use platform that complements, rather than substitutes, any trading platform. It was designed to accommodate all types of retail investors, irrespective of their financial knowledge or investing experience. Also, the high level of flexibility allows users to work with various asset types, to choose from a wide set of educational resources, which also include several social networks, and delivers a customizable and scalable experience aligned with each investor’s specific needs and learning curve.

In addition to offering the product directly to consumers through a subscription model, the same technology is available to Financial Institutions as white-label embeddable solution for their retail investment platforms, with the possibility of a deep customization either in terms of appearance, workspaces, functionalities, and contents.

The company strongly believes that if Financial Institutions expand their offerings by focusing on educating the new generations, they will create more conscious and skilled investors. More conscious and skilled investors will deposit more and trade more, enabling banks to increase benefits from the spread on deposits (the difference between the interest rate they pay for deposits and the interest rate they receive on loans) and from an increase in their trading commissions.

Merlin Investor is the new realm for investment planning and risks management designed for anyone, they are democratizing this space and educating the new generations to invest consciously and with strategy in mind, while helping Financial Institutions to address and grab the opportunities raising from the generational transformation happening today in the world of retail investing.

“Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice, the key to success lies in a diversified and balanced investment strategy – our platform simplifies the process, making investment planning and risks management accessible to all.”

Guido Petrelli
Merlin Investor
CEO and Founder

Guido Petrelli serves as Chief Executive Officer of Merlin Investor. Prior to starting Merlin, Guido served for almost 15 years as the CFO and COO of a multinational automotive company, with a primary focus on scaling operations globally. He is also an active retail investor from more than twenty years, and he started Merlin out of his personal need for a strategizing tool that could complement the execution process offered by trading platforms.