Fintech Istanbul B2B Connect Summit, held in cooperation with Fintech Istanbul and Oniki, differs from many FinTech events held in Türkiye with the artificial intelligence-based B2B matchmaking event technology it uses.

On Thursday, 9 May 2024, the second event will be held at Levent Wyndham Hotel, where FinTechs and SMEs will meet this year. The event, which was designed based on the fact that SMEs are financially fragile, and their financial access is more limited than large companies, will be designed to bring together SMEs and SMEs engaged in production and trade with FinTechs. In this way, it is also aimed that SMEs and SMEs are fully aware of the solutions offered by FinTechs.

Today, the financial need of an SME or SME is primarily “Cash Management”, as well as the solutions offered by FinTechs in an environment where inflation is rising, monetary tightening has started, credit access opportunities are narrowing, and financing costs are increasing, will introduce the participating companies to alternatives that will provide them great convenience.

Attendees from All Over the World

Attendees are not only Istanbul-based companies, but also from all over Türkiye and the world.

Those who do not have the opportunity to physically participate in the event, our artificially assisted B2B matching App brings the right parties together and eliminates time loss and disappointments, will be able to participate in the event online and make B2B meetings wherever they are in the world with the Oniki application.

Fintech Istanbul B2B Connect Summit, which is data-based and can be measured end-to-end with metrics, will make a significant contribution to the country’s economy this year with the commercial value it creates.

FinTech Istanbul B2B Connect Summit 2023 Created Potential Commercial Value of 2.5 Million Euros

The first FinTech Istanbul B2B Connect Summit, which is among the most important events of 2023 and gained global acclaim, attracted attention with its metrics. As a result of the B2B matches made in the first event of the event, which will be held for the second time this year, a potential commercial value of 2.5 million Euros was revealed.

A total of 215 companies participated in the first FinTech Istanbul B2B Connect Summit, which contributed to the emergence of collaborations with high added value and commercial potential for the ecosystem, and approximately a total of 1,700 B2B meetings were held throughout the day, with each participant participating in 12 B2B matches. While the average commercial value of the B2B meetings was 1,500 Euros, the total commercial value created was 2.5 million Euros.

With the increase in participation this year, a much larger commercial result is expected. For detailed information about the event: