About Us


Our strongest property regarding FinTech is the fact that the entrepreneurs in Turkey have many resources for catching this opportunity, which is growing at the same pace all over the world. Our other strength is our developed financial sector. These companies have the ability to create competent candidates entrepreneurs and have a significant mentor pool which could support start-ups.
Our only shortcoming in this field is the fact that no entity is present which could bring together the players in the ecosystem for FinTech.

The “FinTech Istanbul” platform aims to bring together all important building blocks necessary for the healthy growth of the Turkish Financial Technologies Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.  “FinTech Istanbul” set off with leading names in the fields of education, entrepreneurship and data analysis which are dedicated in these fields and adopts a structure which is open for cooperation with every new individual and company which might serve this purpose.

For this reason, “FinTech Istanbul” will be a meeting hub for the ecosystem which will bring together the indispensable talents of candidate entrepreneurs, the professionals which will support them and which will be their customers or partners, as well as the investors which have full knowledge of the sector.

“FinTech Istanbul”s mission aims for a leading role of the entrepreneurs of our country in the field of FinTech and

  • organize “FinTech Courses” in order to direct the enterprises to solid bases and correct information foci and to meet the educational needs in this regard,
  • ensure information sharing by organizing the “FinTech Meet-ups” and bringing all shareholders together on the same platform.
  • The most up to date and highest quality contents in this field will be published via social media accounts and on the web site fintechistanbul.org.
  • FinTech Istanbul also aims to develop the “cooperative opportunities of 3 continents” for the members of the community primarily via London as well as San Francisco and Singapore connections.