FinTech 101

We’re organizing FinTech 101 Courses within the scope of FinTech İstanbul for 3 different target audiences:

FinTech 101 Course For Entrepreneurs

About the program

“The FinTech 101 Course for entrepreneurs” is a leading program created for entrepreneurs and candidate entrepreneurs operating in the rapidly developing financial services sector.

The program aims to address problems from different approaches, those are problems which entrepreneurs might encounter during the introduction of products and services that are provided for the needs of the financial services sector.


  • Interactive lessons from experts in the field via classroom presentations and discussions
  • Example case studies of investments
  • Live presentations from guest investors
  • Creating a project in the end of the term
  • Investor-entrepreneur talks

Content of the program

The main topics of the program:

  • The development and continuous operation of the financial services industry today
  • The effects of technology and regulation on the efficiency of operation
  • The place of FinTech investments and financial technologies in this context
  • Trends and practices in the FinTech world
  • The Fintech ecosystem and the main stakeholders
  • Cybersecurity
  • Pending opportunities and threats for FinTech investments.

Program Outcomes

Benefits of this program for enterprises and entrepreneurs:

  • Detailed information about the dynamics and needs of the financial services industry,
  • Understanding the impact of technology and regulation on the sector,
  • Understanding the opportunities and risks in the financial services sector,
  • Meeting with the senior executives of the financial services sector,
  • Meeting with FinTech investors.


Instructors involved in the program are composed of professionals working in different financial sectors like banking, insurance, brokerage, payment systems and academics who want to contribute with their knowledge and research on this subject.

Entrepreneurs who want to take part in the financial services sector


Total program duration is 36 hours

  • 6 weeks in total, lessons every week on 2 nights, each 3 hours
  • 12 lessons in total, including project presentations

Our goal is to perform trainings to meet the needs of these three different segments in the ecosystem.