The last guest of our consecutive webinars in June was KOBIL founder Ismet Koyun.

In this section we talked about the development stages of KOBIL, a company, which has been exporting security solutions from Germany to the whole world in more than 35 years, we also discussed the development and change in cyber security in the world. We talked about the difficulty of gaining recognition, trust and customers in international markets.

While listening to KOBIL Founder Ismet Koyun, I once again understood the importance of seeing the future in the technology sector. We are extremely happy that our knowledge that we need to anticipate tomorrow’s needs and be able to invest while meeting today’s customer needs has been so clearly confirmed.

We would not make a mistake if we say that Ismet Koyun’s motto of “don’t be the follower, will be the one followed” is the most important factor that has brought him and his company to the current successful point.

On the other hand, it is relatively easy to talk about the past, and it is difficult to take steps towards the future with lessons from the past and successful examples. At this point, it was inevitable to ask Ismet Koyun what awaits us in the future and to learn what strategy to follow. When we asked him about his predictions for the future, Mr. Ismet Koyun shared a unique definition with us; “Super FinTech”.

It seems that it is time to talk about Super FinTechs with the same intensity as we talked about FinTechs and BigTechs. So, what is this Super FinTech? Along with the answer to this question, I strongly recommend you to watch the webinar (Our webinar is in Turkish buy you may open the subtitles with automatic English translation)  we held to listen to the details of KOBIL, which is known for its security solutions specific to the financial sector, especially SuperApp, EcoSystem and its efforts to secure platform economies, from Ismet Koyun.

(I would also recommend you to watch the interview broadcast on German ZDF television;)

FinTech Istanbul Advisory Board Member, Digital CEO